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Brand Phygital is an innovative mobile location advertising company, coupling Wi-Fi with iconic venues, shopping hubs, airports, rail stations, city parks, coffee shops, interactive live broadcasting, out-of-home, social, and experiential channels.

The evolution of digital channels as a central way to connect with people and experiences, and social media as a facilitator of these connections, has greatly expanded the array of tools that marketers can use.

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Our Services

Branded Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Access Splash Page/ Video = Guaranteed Engagement

Users are first directed to view a pre-roll video or complete a CTA. Then users are re-directed to the advertisers website, App download, or other brand driven environment

The Value Exchange of access for attention allows brands to engage with mobile, tablet and laptop users, who are served a static ad, pre-roll video or CTA i.e. App download in return for free Wi-Fi access.


Folks from around the world can view an event live through the Internet and social media. With such limited time on so many platforms a marketer can win the land grab for “likes” by amplifying a live event.

Exciting visual content is being consumed on smartphones, tablets, and at home. Your audience wants to engage and be the first to share live experiences across multiple mediums in real time.

Give consumers what they want and they will reward your brand exponentially!

Social Amplification

Harness the power of your Hashtag! We send the social stream to Digital OOH screens and your brand driven microsite.

The Live Stream is an interactive broadcast of a voyeuristic brand experience. We provide marketers and consumers a set of digital tools to socially amplify their live event experience and we focus the social stream in the physical and digital world to maximize reach and participation.

It's all happening LIVE!

Real-Time Analytics

Brand Phygital will schedule and deploy digital content, in addition to in-house or 3rd party tracking, and post-activity reporting.

The activation analysis includes session data, demographics, view time, device types, operating systems, validation and general network research.

Analytics provided using DFP and other 3rd party tracking systems. Our end to end platform includes insight, planning, strategy, design, creative support, ad serving, IAB tracking, optimization, and post campaign analysis.

Our Work

Event Livestream/Social Amplification

Wi-Fi Access Advertisements

Mobile Charging Stations

Brand Ambassadors